Someone You Can Xray

Intimate scaled down and up close at

Klekolo World Coffee

July 2nd 7pm!

Dana and Bryan Newman, the bands founders

have a dynamic that is electric their music and life seem a

wild ride of music, family and community.

As a full band the Newman’s and their tribe of musicians create a psychedelic musical experience

that sweeps you away to a place of rhythm and vibe. your feet tap your face smiles and you dance.

This band connects with the audience in a real way feeling both musical and moment vibe.

Dana & Bryan Newman from Dana

“Formed in 2012, Someone You Can Xray has grown from an acoustic duo into a tiny orchestra, now a 7 piece stage ensemble. Surprising instruments, original songs, plus a regular rotation of guest performers, multi-instrumentalists and visual artists keep our music fresh, alive and fun!” SYCX

Someone You Can Xray’s  line up consists of

Dana Newman

Lead Vocals/Harmonica/ Nonsensical Keys

Bryan Newman


Xavier Peitri


Jeff Carter

Guitar/Guitar Synths/Vocals

Mark Barca


Thom Guthrie




Someone You Can Xray has released three albums so far.

Like Minded Fools

July -2015

This debut album is rock fusion for the 21st century:

The template for originality, Xray’s debut EP whispers vibe, speaks lyrically and screams music!

Numbers Law

Jan 2017

This album is a journey through music of the mind. A dejavu of musical excellence.


Hot ‘N Fresh

June – 2018

This Album is a solid connection to the blues roots that always seem to Inspire Someone You Can Xray.

At Klekolo July 2nd Someone You Can Xray will be playing scaled down and up close.

 This is a sweet treat.!

You can feel and see the electric connection of these creative talented souls.

In a small intermit friendly setting.

“What box can you put a band in that lays down lots of layers with

innumerable moving parts and mushes it all together

into an intellectual sound garden of joy?

You can’t!

You just have to listen to this Connecticut band.” Sue Menhart


For Upcoming Someone you Can Xray sows keep an eye on their website & Facebook.

July 2nd _- Xray Lite

 Klekolo World Coffee – 7pm

July 13th – Someone You Can Xray

Leif Nilsson Gallery – 7pm

July 20th – Xray Lite

Milford Farmers Market  – 9 am


Someone You Can Xray is such a fun experience and damn good music go see a live show they shine!





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