Photo from The Modifieds Facebook page

This Connecticut based Indie Rock trio,

The Modifieds are doing some really cool performances  and working on their next album!

Their first album was released last year March 2018.

“People you can count on”

I thoroughly enjoyed the vibe and feel of this album.

In the song People my age, the lyrics warn of life missed and unfulfilled dreams.

Sleepy Hollow has a traditional Americana vibe to it and hints of darkness.

Forsythia shares a tale of a moment in time the many lyrics in this piece seem to describe loss and time continuing.

This album can be found on The Modifieds Spotify page

Buy yourself a copy of “People you can count on” On Amazon.


These motivated young guys are The Modifieds:

Zac Palarino on Guitar and Vocals
Blue – Bass and Vocals
Ian Goncalo – Drums/percussion

Midtown from the album People You Can Count On!

“They play it sweet that jazzy sound

Down on west 44th your lost in the crowd

Your head down

Your glass empty

You keep asking for 1 more

But you’ve had plenty”

Currently The Modifieds are working on their next album

spending alot of time in the studio with Michael Cleary,

the mastermind behind the Michael Cleary band  who is helping produce thier next Album.


The Modifieds are so into it that when asked

What is the most “Rockstar” thing you have done?

“We played a show for 5 hours and played until we were bleeding”


Come catch thesde talented Musicians at Klekolo World coffee or any of their upcoming shows!

June 25th  Tuesday @ Klekolo World Coffee 7 pm

July 6th  Saturday @ Stryker’s Café 9:30 pm

Aug. 7th Wednesday with Matt and the Skeleton Crew  @ Klekolo World Coffee 7 pm.

August 9th Friday @ Brass Works Brewing 1 pm

August 23rd Friday @ Oxford Baking Company 7 pm.

August 29th Thursday @ Windmill Restauraunt 6 pm

September 14th Saturday Red Barn Brewing VT. 5 pm

October 17th Thursday @ Windmill Restauraunt 6 pm

Back to Klekolo in November 25th Tuesdasy 7pm


For Current and upcoming shows check their Facebook events often.

The Modified’s on YouTube

The Modifies on the web

The Modifieds on Facebook

The Modifieds On Instagram



Hope you get a chance to go see and hear these Guys they definatly are going places!

~ Yvette



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