Are you familiar with these Local Connecticut Musicians?

Local Connecticut Musicians Shannon McMahon & James Morrison Live at Klekolo World Coffee Tuesday March 2oth @ 7pm If you can’t be here check their facebook pages they just might Live stream the show! Shannon McMahon A local Connecticut songwriter. Her voice and lyrics hit you in a soft subtle way making you relate and Continue reading

Sunny cup

How important is your Coffee to your Morning?

How does coffee effect your brain and move you into your day? Coffee helps motivate our day and kick us into gear to go. Coffee is an Antioxidant which helps fight free radicals in your cells. Coffee is a stimulant which helps us feel energized. Coffee can improve your mood. Coffee is good for us Continue reading

24 years of Klekolo World Coffee!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KLEKOLO WORLD COFFEE! We are 24 years old – WOW its been awhile. Thank you to all our Customers and Baristas! I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram account to see what is happening there may be surprises! I bought Continue reading