What Does Coffee and Chocolate Have in Common?

Discover similarities between coffee and chocolate! Learn about chemical constituents, health benefits, flavors. what does coffee and chocolate have in common.

Winter Coffee Helps You Keep Spirit During The Holidays.

Winter Coffee is something to share, whether it’s recipes, stories, or moments together. Klekolo World Coffee wants to create ways for each of us to enjoy our favorite beverage—coffee—this winter.

Do you Love Fall? Pumpkin coffee and spices share benefits!

Pumpkin coffee, iced pumpkin spiced lattes, and pumpkin spices create a perfect end-of-summer feeling that will make your mind ready for fall.

Make Music day Middletown Connecticut shares some great Musicians.

Make Music Day Middletown Ct is part of a global event. This day is an opportunity for the community to share their love of music and to help create a more vibrant downtown.

Richard Michael Schafrick

Richard Michael Schafrick April 18, 1962 – September 13, 2021  Swinging Dick was born too late to be a swinging 1960s bachelor, but that moniker suits him nonetheless. Picture, if you will, a classy hippie guy with a glossy horseshoe mustache, some jazzy lounge music piped in via unseen speakers, atomic looking clocks and furnitureContinue reading “Richard Michael Schafrick”

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