Ray is an incredibly authentic musician, playing his 1965 Silvertone through a Peavey Bandit 65 amp.

His expression of musical talent is pure and in your face.

He is the real deal!

Photo From Ray Mason press kit

The variety of style and sound Ray explores and performs is always a delight.

One moment his sound is hard and edgy the next it is hitting on americana or pop.

“Sin Eater” from Ray’s 2009 album “Like Bugs Chewing on Paper”

Ray Mason has 11 solos albums out the first in 1994, Between “Blue & Ok”,

HIs most recent in 2016 “The Shy Requestor”

“The Shy Requestor”

“What a welcome surprise. It’s been a while since we’ve received a new release from independent recording artist Ray Mason.

We’ve been fans of this guy’s music for a very long time.

In a world of constant change and throwaway artists, Mr. Mason has always stood out as a man who creates music for all the right reasons.

 The Sky Requester is yet another superb addition to Mason’s lengthy catalog.

More sparse and direct that previous albums, these tracks sound very much like a real man making real music

(rather than something or someone that has been tweaked to digital perfection).

But of course songs are what matter most. And that’s where Ray really shines.

This guy seems to be a never-ending well of great songs.

In a perfect world Mr. Mason would already be hugely famous. But in actuality he’s already a huge success,

because he does things his own way on his own terms…and the results are always wonderfully genuine and real.

Thirteen perfectly executed cuts here including “Heavenly Ladder,” “Who’s Gonna Play Like That,” “General Malaise,” and “Vividly.”

One of the great underground pop artists in America. Recommended. Top pick.”

Baby Sue reviews

Ray Mason solo at Bing Arts Center in Springfield Massachusetts 2013 video By sodafixer2

I  Love this song “I’m Not That Kind Of Guy” .

This sometimes synical guy really is warm and personable!

His music yes originals always hits on aspects of life lived and experienced.

Tales and moments shared in song is fabulous.

Ray Mason is certainly a treasure with much to be admiered in his musical life style.

In an overly complicated electronic world Ray Mason stays true to his talent and style.

Love it!

So get up and out go catch a Ray Mason show!

Tues. July 9 – Klekolo World Coffee, Middletown, CT (7-9 p.m.)
Fri. July 12 – Raven Hollow Winery, Westfield, MA (6-8 p.m.)
Mon. July 22 – The 413, Easthampton, MA (7-10 p.m. / playing a feature set at 8 p.m.)
Thurs. July 25 – The Dream Away Lodge, Becket, MA (8-10 p.m.)
Sat. July 27 – Bread Euphoria, Haydenville, MA (6-8 p.m.)

Ray Mason on the web

Pick up your Ray Mason fix on CD Baby

To catch Ray Live look at His upcoming Shows here.


A little more about 1965 Silvertone Guitars here.

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