Shannon McMahon is an exceptional songwriter.

Shannon McMahon is a local Connecticut songwriter from Stratford CT. Her voice and lyrics hit you in a soft subtle way making you relate and feel what she is expressing . Shannon Plays from her heart and lets the audience in hitting you with emotion and melody while her guitar eases you into listening. IContinue reading “Shannon McMahon is an exceptional songwriter.”

Yes! You need Ray Mason in your life.

Ray Mason Experience, style and substance. Ray is an incredibly authentic musician, playing his 1965 Silvertone through a Peavey Bandit 65 amp. His expression of musical talent is pure and in your face. He is the real deal! Photo From Ray Mason press kit The variety of style and sound Ray explores and performs isContinue reading “Yes! You need Ray Mason in your life.”

Listen to Live Original Music in CT

The Podunk Throwbacks are not to be missed they weave a musical tapestry making your feet tap, your mind think and your body sway. These 5 musicians combine their talents to create a wonderful palette of many musical styles. Todd Skilton’s song writing skills are featured beautifully with the musical talents of the entire band.Continue reading “Listen to Live Original Music in CT”

Musical Sense of the American Landscape

Marc Delgado is an impressive songwriter. He brings the perfect balance of music and lyric.  Evoking a vibe that brings my mind to a place of strong emotions and nostalgia. I thoughrougly enjoy Marc’s sweet haunting ghost of a dream music! “Marc Delgado is a traveling solo performer. His songs are eclectic & unexpected &Continue reading “Musical Sense of the American Landscape”

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