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Tuesday evening Someone You Can Xray jam’s out at Klekolo World Coffee in an up close and intimate setting.

Someone You Can Xray Intimate scaled down and up close at Klekolo World Coffee July 2nd 7pm! Dana and Bryan Newman, the bands founders have a dynamic that is electric their music and life seem a wild ride of music, family and community. As a full band the Newman’s and their tribe of musicians create […]

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Top 3 risks to experiencing Xray Trio

1- You will have a good time! 2- You may dance! 3 – You will become a fan!  Xray Trio showcases their Acoustic style March 13th – 7pm – Klekolo World Coffee Someone you can Xray always brings great vibes and even better music. These high energy folks bring heart and soul to their music! […]

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