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This young Musician makes your ears happy, Quinn Miller Live at Klekolo!

Quinn Miller Live at Klekolo World Coffee May 15th @ 7 pm. Quinn has been on a bit of a hiatus and Klekolo is psyched to be part of her getting back into it. She has quite a few events booked into June with more coming soon. If you miss her at Klekolo be sure […]

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Marc Delgado is the stuff that makes you feel goose bumps!

Marc Delgado is a very impressive songwriter. He brings the perfect balance of music and lyric. Marc Delgado evokes a vibe that brings my mind to a place of strong emotions and nostalgia. I thoughrougly enjoy Marc’s sweet haunting ghost of a dream music! “Marc Delgado is a traveling solo performer. His songs are eclectic […]

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Do You Know Klekolo?

Klekolo world coffee was opened 1994 by Hollie Rose. At the time I was living in Oregon and Hollie was often complaining about how hard it was to get a good Mocha Latte’. I (Yvette Elliott) moved to CT. From Oregon to help Hollie open her Coffee House. Hollie Rose, Rick Shafrick and I spent […]

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Delight your ears with Ray Mason & his Silvertone.

Ray Mason Experience, style and substance. Ray is incredibly authentic. He plays his 1965 Silvertone guitar through a Peavey Bandit 65 amp. What an expression of musical talent, pure and in your face. He is the real deal! Ray Mason & his Silvertone Live Klekolo World Coffee March 27th @ 7pm Stephen Spaz Shnee says […]

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Are you familiar with these Local Connecticut Musicians?

Local Connecticut Musicians Shannon McMahon & James Morrison Live at Klekolo World Coffee Tuesday March 2oth @ 7pm If you can’t be here check their facebook pages they just might Live stream the show! Shannon McMahon A local Connecticut songwriter. Her voice and lyrics hit you in a soft subtle way making you relate and […]

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