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Rope Takes Klekolo World Coffee by Storm!

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Rope Takes Klekolo World Coffee by Storm with an Electrifying Music Event

In the vibrant city of Middletown, CT, music enthusiasts and coffee lovers converged at Klekolo World Coffee for a night to remember.

There was a sense of anticipation in the air as the renowned trio, Rope, prepared to take the stage.
Led by the talented Sal Paradise, Rope treated the audience to an eclectic mix of original compositions, classic hits, underground gems, and soulful blues and folk tunes. 


ROPE A Trio of Musical Mastery

Rope boasts an impressive lineup of seasoned musicians who have each made their mark in the music industry. 

Sal Paradise, the driving force behind the band, showcased his prowess as a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. 

With a career spanning over four decades, Paradise has been influential in the New Haven and Connecticut music scene since 1978.

 His passion for music resonated with every note, drawing the audience into his world.

Dave Hurd, an accomplished bassist and backup vocalist, joined Paradise on stage. 

Hurd’s deep, melodic bassl ines anchored the band’s sound, providing a solid foundation for the music to flourish. 

His experience as a performer in bands such as Bill Bakers Satins and SUBDUEDS brought a wealth of expertise to the table, enhancing the overall musicality of Rope!

Filling in for Pat Quinn on drums was the talented Peter Riccio of the Sawtelles. 

Riccio seamlessly integrated himself into the band’s dynamic, injecting energy and precision into each beat. 

With his contribution, Rope reached new heights, captivating the audience with their seamless chemistry.

An Unforgettable Setlist

Rope took the audience on a sonic adventure, traversing genres and eras with finesse. 

The band’s diverse influences were showcased through their original compositions, paying homage to the roots of blues and folk while infusing their unique flavor.

The audience was spellbound as they witnessed the band’s emotional storytelling unfold through Paradise’s heartfelt vocals and intricate guitar work.

Additionally, Rope delved into the realm of surf music, embracing both electric and acoustic renditions. 

Their love for the genre shone through as they effortlessly transported the audience to the sun-soaked beaches, capturing the essence of this iconic style. 

Each note reverberated through the coffeehouse, creating a nostalgic and invigorating atmosphere.

Rope A Legacy of Musical Excellence

Rope’s members brought a wealth of experience and musical knowledge to the table, having shared the stage with renowned artists throughout their careers.

 From Christine Ohlman to Hilton Valentine’s Skiffledog (guitarist for The Animals), their collaborations have shaped their musical journeys and added depth to their performances. 

The audience had the privilege of witnessing the culmination of these experiences in a single captivating performance.

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Klekolo World Coffee: The Perfect Venue

The choice of Klekolo World Coffee as the venue for Rope’s music event was no coincidence. 

Known for its vibrant atmosphere and unwavering support for local artists, Klekolo provided the perfect backdrop for the band to showcase their talents. 

The intimate setting allowed the audience to engage closely with the music, fostering a sense of connection and shared experience.


The night at Klekolo World Coffee was a testament to music’s power to unite people. 

Rope’s electrifying performance left a lasting impression on everyone present, as they effortlessly blended genres, showcased their talents, and created a musical experience that transcended boundaries. 

Sal Paradise, Dave Hurd, and Peter Riccio’s collective expertise, passion, and love for music were evident throughout the event, leaving no doubt that Rope is a legend!

~ Yvette

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