The Podunk Throwbacks…

a “throwback” to a time when songwriters believed in their songs enough to allow them to stand on their own – no covers required!!

Real-life lyrics combined with a diverse & energetic sampling of different musical styles, provide a little something for everyone.

July 2017 brought about their first cd, titled appropriately, “Emotional Hemophilia.” Stay tuned for #2, “OVAFUS!”

Recent performances include the Durham Fair, Hebron Fair, Glastonbury Apple Harvest Festival, Elm City Folk Festival & the Podunk Bluegrass Festival, as well as a wide range of recurring favorites, including Wilson’s Pub, McKinnon’s Irish Pub, Still Hill Brewery, the Dream Away Lodge, Witchdoctor Brewing & Klekolo world Coffee.

I Blogged The Poduncks August 2017 here.

Podunk throwbacks web site

Podunk Throwbacks on facebook.

Contact & Booking info:
Amy – (860) 324-9934


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