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The Podunk Throwbacks weave a delicious tapestry of sound that slips into your head and makes you tap your feet!

The Podunk Throwbacks are not to be missed they weave a musical tapestry making your feet tap, your mind think and your body sway These 5 musicians combine their talents to create a wonderful palette of many musical styles. They are Playing at Klekolo  Tuesday July 3oth at 7pm. Podunk Throwbacks perform “It Don’t Matter” […]

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Podunk Throwbacks Original Local Music

The Podunk Throwbacks… a “throwback” to a time when songwriters believed in their songs enough to allow them to stand on their own – no covers required!! Real-life lyrics combined with a diverse & energetic sampling of different musical styles, provide a little something for everyone. July 2017 brought about their first cd, titled appropriately, […]

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