Jedd Chlebowski is a bassist with a career spanning 30 plus years.

He has played in rock and jazz bands and in orchestras and musicals. He plays 4, 5, 6, string electric fretted and fretless basses as well as upright bass.

Jedd is coming to Klekolo Feb 13th

to share his solo electric base experimental improve performance!

Jedd has performed in multiple genres throughout the northeast as well as on tour in the mid-west and Europe.

His bass playing has been recorded with Corey Glover and Will Calhoun.

He is currently the bass player for the Michael Cleary Band, the Ken Serio Jazz Trio, the power rock trio Death Saddle Syndicate and Tim Charron.

With these different styles you can hear how much diversity

and true Bass power Jedd Chlebowski has!

Video’s from Jedd’s you tube channel this one withKen Serio Jazz trio.

Jedd is currently developing his solo project with bass and electronics.

This will feature live performances and will yield a CD of the material developed live.

Above video from GerryJdvideo 

of the Michael cleary band at Wormtown Music festivle.

The Death Saddle syndicate has such a classic raw hard sound Love it!

This video from Death Saddle Syndicate you tube channel

With so much talent in his mind and fingertips you need to hear Jedd live.

So come Join us at Klekolo Feb. 13th for a good time!

~thank you


(featured Photo taken from Jedd’s website)


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