above photo by Leanne Parent

This amazing songwriter spills his thoughts and imagination into his music, poetry and sketches.

Yousry will share the musical aspect of his vibrant creativity at Klekolo World Coffee

 on Feb 6th at 7pm.

Come see Yousry and hear this inspirational soul’s music.

You can find Yousry on:


i tunes

Band Camp

Below is Yousry’s sketch for his new album

“Post Convalescent Blues”

found at the above links.


 here is a glimpse of more of Yousry’s talents

“A Day For Adventure (by Yousry Benayoun)

Today is a day for adventure,
of righteous social activity
lying on the rug on the floor
where the sun shines through
the window and feel-
ing the mid-day warmth of eyelashes and fuzz
because sometimes it’s good to lay on
the floor – face up eyes closed
thinking post-lunch thoughts
listening to early spring birds
tweet sounds of triumph and winter dissolution,
chortling songs of sweet wetness and comfort
flying through window’s wide face, sitting
on my stomach
they grow to the roof like spring
birds, whispering the heart’s leafy days-past
story of waking up early to
visit friends, turning women’s lips into a pass and a touch,
running around, communicating to wild ruff boys
that their time has come
and currently the mural – a few blocks down,
13th street’s likeness
turns to the real thing and cries out
it’s your turn
to lead this sunscape and
leave it dripping with tired legs.”

Hope to see you at the show!

~ Yvette










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