Middletown CT. and Klekolo World Coffee feel like we are awakening to summertime.

sunrise on court street
sunrise on court street
Sunrise at Klekolo

Klekolo is going back to regular hours

on June 1st and the foreseeable future.

Monday – Thursday 6:30 am – 10 pm

Friday & Saturday 6:30 am – 12 am

Sunday 7 am – 7 pm

As you wander around downtown things look a little different,

restaurants have outdoor seating, people are wearing masks,

most businesses are open and serving you a little differently.

Middletown is lucky overall we are a friendly bunch

and we all want to see our Main street survive.

Klekolo has outdoor seating at the moment and

we are still limiting how many people can come inside to place an order.

We are also doing phone-in orders.

You can always have beans delivered too order here.

While I write this sitting outside at Klekolo, I feel a cool breeze blowing down Court street floating the humidity away.

I see a few folks sitting on the Church steps near all of First Churches’ beautiful flowers.

A butterfly shimmery blue and black floats by on the breeze,

squirrels run across the street, a few turkey vultures land on the bank roof.

I can hear the birds in the park and the hum of Middletown in action.

Yes, we are waking up!

*** Thank you so much for

helping to keep us open! ***

We hope to see you downtown and at our little oasis on Court street!

CT Best Of Hartford
Klekolo Love

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