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Court street magnolia tree

Welcome to May 2020

Things are well not “fixed” but we are all coping and moving forward in our own ways.

Regardless of anything spring has sprung and plants are blooming. The Magnolia on court street is always so gorgeous! Even the trees have finally joined the riot and the leaves are emerging as we speak. Spring is always a magic time. If these things have not picked your spirits up then go outside. Sit on the ground hug a tree listen to the birds embrace the rain. It really does help!


Here at Klekolo we are serving coffee and some pretty amazing pastries.

Middletown as a whole is looking pretty different these days, empty sidewalks, fewer people closed businesses. In some ways this is inspiring obviously we are as a society determined to flatten the curve.  We are not out of the water. We all need to take it upon ourselves to be aware and safe. As we emerge from isolation please be compassionate and nice to each other. We are all weathering this differently.

If things go well this month we may have outside seating by June.  With more businesses opening and more people emerging please keep your safety protocol in place. Personal space of 6 ft, a mask if closer than that, wash your hands often, do not cough sneeze or spit on people. Common sense goes a long way use it.

Connecticut has a website with all the Covid current Info


(Seating won’t look like this but will be 6ft apart)

We are looking forward to seeing more of you and hope our community is doing well!

At the moment Klekolo is take away only

No more than 3 people in the room at a time.

You can Phone in your order pick it up or set up curbside pickup.


Our hours for now are

MONDAY – SATURDAY 6:30 am – 8pm

SUNDAY  7am _ 7pm


We also have coffee available on our website.

PayPal or a check and delivered by USPS.

  • Some coffee is not listed you can email Klekolo at
  • and ask what else we have.

Take care of yourself and do the best you can with everything else.

Best wishes from all of us! Be well.

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