Through the eyes of a Man who has seen too much An exhibit by AL Kim.

AK Shell art exhibit

Al Kim is our featured Artist

through the month of August.


Al has led a varied life of things most folks rarely see.

He was in the US Army and a Middletown Police Officer.

Being retired Al has a new career at

Eastern Connecticut State University

because well he has 2 kids to put through college.

AK Shell

Amid these intense careers, he has leaned towards the finer things in life and has been

exposed to it in a variety of settings.

AL’s varied tastes and life experience show through in his photography.

This work is through the eyes of a Man who has seen too much yet still has the ability to see beauty.

The exhibit “Shells” reflects the calm Al seeks for his mind.

Do stop in and view this beautiful exhibit.


You can find Al on Facebook here

You can also find Al on Flickr

He does beautiful work!

~ Yvette

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