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September 25th – 7pm -9pm Frank Critelli & Guest Christopher Bousquet

Klekolo World Coffee is excited to welcome Frank Critelli & Guest Christopher Bousquet to our Tuesday Music series!  Frank used to play here back in the day and now that we have music happening again we are thrilled to have him be here. It is beautiful to see how his style has grown and changed.

May 26, 2009 – The Black Sheep Ranch photo by Rick

Frank Critelli and Christopher Bousquet are musical brothers with a cosmic penchant toward the sublime and their feet firmly on the ground. They each play several instruments in a variety of configurations, and their musical pairings are different every time. This will be high-wire music performed without a net.”

May 2009 Black Sheep Ranch Photo By Rick

“Frank Critelli writes songs. He dabbles in haiku and other short poetry. Sometimes he writes other stuff too. Like postcards. His songs are available on compact disc and for download at Independisc Music Club and other places like CD Baby. You can read more about his music at his website. “

“Frank Critelli often performs live. Sometimes he performs solo, and sometimes he is accompanied by one or more musical co-conspirators. Over the years he’s played in streets and subways, coffeehouses, classrooms, barrooms, clubs, colleges, festivals, theaters, and (most recently) in his kitchen. “

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