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“We Call It Power folk” – Two Virgins


TWO VIRGINS/ACOUSTIC TOUR– At Klekolo Tuesday October 9th!!!

In the beginning it was Dylan – the words, the guitar, the power of the message. As young boys from different parts of the country Tom Wrann and Tom Mooney were equally affected and inspired by the simplicity and complexity of Dylan’s style. As the years went on Wrann/Mooney crossed paths in many rock bands; (El Trash Combo, Voice Of Amerika, The Bond..) also involvement in separate projects. Mooney played with The Wandering Souls – a top gospel group from NYC, and The Run – a new wave pop group also in NYC. Tom Wrann with Kid Salami, Buck Nakid & The Connecticut Blue Boys, and Curly Jones & The Commited. After Wrann/Mooney through life’s twists and turns were left with no band they decided to revisit the music that first inspired them, the words the guitar, the message, whatever it is. As a duo, song writing partners and musical collaboraters Wrann/Mooney are staying true to this vision. At this time Two Virgins are also being joined by some great supporting musicians, Jim Wrann, Michael Arafeh (aka Bumpy Chimes), Tom Phelps. We call it ‘powerfolk’ (iron clad torch songs and ballads).

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