What a wonderful day for coffee. Klekolo today was the “place to be.” It started off slow, quiet. The usual lively crowd wasn’t there, and I felt a little out of place. It was okay though, because the warmth from my coffee was plenty company. Familiar faces started to float in, each of them ripe with perspective and stories to tell, memories to share. I was on as well. I was lucid, and my thoughts just flowed out of me, concise and gentle. It nearly overwhelmed me. The spectrum of perspective, a grown adult male dealing with the same problems of a twenty five year old woman. Things like that, I find to be sacred. Which is why I think of the coffee shop goers almost as a congregation. People come there to socialize, to  center themselves, to focus, to create. The spirit of the place uplifts you to heights that the workplace never can quite do. I’ve heard many people allude to the magic of the spot of the purple coffee shop. I felt it today, and look forward to tomorrow.

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