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Kendall Swan shares a little Soda Pop!

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Kendall Swan shot by Jordan

Kendall Swan photo by Jordan follow @j.d.rocha on Instagram.

Kendall’s looping with a new Album on the rise!

Kendall Swan is a Songwriter and musician from Ledyard Connecticut.

Kendall has been playing Music since he was 10 years old, he is 24 now.

Kendall plays quite a few Instruments including Bass guitar, Piano, drums and a looper pedal.

He performs his shows while live Looping!

Come check out this upcoming Indie rock musician @

Kendall Swan Live @ Klekolo World Coffee

May 1st – 7pm

Here is a video of Kendall on The Day’s Live Lunch break

Currently, Kendall is working on a new Album called Soda Pop!

“Kid, you’re going nowhere,” and I hear it but I don’t care
I just smile as you blow air like the Beatles toured the world on day 2
But if it’s nowhere, it’s a non-stop grind to go there, yea
So while your life is no-fair, I’m a rockstar with my bedroom debut”

Above excerpt is from Kendall’s song Bedroom Debut

For all things Kendall Swan look here

To keep up with Kendall’s shows follow his Facebook Page.

Hope to see you @ Klekolo Tuesday

Thank you  ~ Yvette

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