It’s finally starting to feel like Spring, I think. Most people look to the flowers popping up, the birds singing, and overall warmth as signs that the seasons have changed. Me? I know it’s Spring when I sit outside of my favorite coffee shop, sipping on a medium black coffee whilst and array of ageless folks, all with various degrees of dreadlocks, intensely play hacky sack next to the building. Always looking around at whomever might be there, hoping they’re watching. They may well be the worst people on the planet, but they’re also a sign that we’ve moved away from the coldness of Winter. Who am I? A coffee lover, a writer, and a loyal customer. It’s a joy for me to be able to view Middletown through the quirky characters that walk through the door of Klekolo. All of us having one thing in common; we’re drawn to a good cup of coffee. I hope to convey my Middletown experience to you, one cup of coffee at a time.

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