Marc Delgado is a very impressive songwriter.

He brings the perfect balance of music and lyric.

Marc Delgado evokes a vibe that brings my mind to a place of strong emotions and nostalgia.

I thoughrougly enjoy Marc’s sweet haunting ghost of a dream music!

“Marc Delgado is a traveling solo performer. His songs are eclectic & unexpected & portray characters trying to make sense of The American Landscape.”

Marc Delgado

Live @ Klekolo World Coffee

April 3rd – 7pm

Marc’s harmonica on Asleep in a Cave  is beautiful, the melody is the stuff that makes you feel goose bumps!

The lyric “The way that you scared me the most was when you smiled” brings a melancholy feel fitting perfectly with the melodic interpretation of what I can only believe was a faded memory.

A track off of Wounded Knee’s last record: High in a Neon Dive

Video Directed by: Alexander Vincent Yerks

“Delgado also writes, sings & records with Alt-Rock, Americana group Wounded Knee. Their last record: High in a Neon Dive (Narcissus Records) is a spiraling tour through the seedy motels & dive bars of Central California where Delgado grew up.

He is currently @ work on his newest effort Wildwood Road which will be released later this year. Marc lives with his wife Melanie & their dog Spike in Woodstock, NY.”

The Queens of coming and going is off Delgado’s upcoming release Wildwood Road

Video Directed by Alexander Vincent Yerks

Marc Delgado By Marc Delgado by Julian Parker-Burns

Marc Delgado by Julian Parker-Burns

You can find out where Marc Delgado is performing and his releases on his website and Facebook page.


Thank you for coming by hope to see you at the show!

~ Yvette


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