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Do You Know Klekolo?

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181 Court street Middletown CT

Klekolo world coffee was opened 1994 by Hollie Rose.

At the time I was living in Oregon and Hollie was often complaining about how hard it was to get a good Mocha Latte’. I (Yvette Elliott) moved to CT. From Oregon to help Hollie open her Coffee House. Hollie Rose, Rick Shafrick and I spent many days over Ceil fickett’s (Hollie’s Mom) table doing tastings of coffee’s and creating specialty drinks.

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We started single cup brewing (now called pour over) and serving Organic fair-trade coffee on day One.

Hollie and I both spent a lot of time on the west coast, organic was common for us but not the east coast yet. You would not believe how many times I had to explain that organic means grown without chemicals and pesticides after the response of why I would want that.   When people came in asking for a regular cup of coffee they got a high-quality coffee because that is all we served and still do.

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What is in a name?

Klekolo world coffee and kein Schinkenwere the final 2 names we were deciding between.  kein Schinken is German and means no Ham we used it so much when Hollie and I traveled together through Germany.

Klekolo is from the Minianka language of Mali. Hollie found it in a Yaya Diallo drumming book . Klekolo means A system of rules to live by for peace and harmony in the world.

Through the years many people have come through this small Coffee house on a side street. Friendships forged, loves met, life lived with conversation & Coffee.

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 I Love the Community Klekolo has grown into!

Thank you for being part of it.~ Yvette


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