Cafe’ Mam

                                This Photo painted by Derek Hobbs’ with Cafe’ mam Coffee!
Café Mam coffee is grown by fair trade cooperatives of native Mayan farmers living in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico and Guatemala. The growers, primarily of the Mam, Tzetzal and Mochó peoples, are organized according to egalitarian democratic ideals that emphasize hard work, responsibility to the cocooperative, and high standards. The cooperative’s programs provide countless benefits to outlying native communities.

The farmers believe that by taking care of the soil, they are taking care of the entire bio-system. Their beliefs and sustainable approaches to agriculture benefit their communities in many positive ways. Café Mam farmers seek to conserve and rebuild the natural environment and work toward a higher quality of life for their families.

Each purchase of Café Mam coffee helps support goals of:

• Honoring and healing the earth

• Self-sufficiency and political independence

• Sustainable development of rural communities

• Child welfare, including education & nutrition

• Defense of indigenous cultural identity

• Education in organic agriculture

• Promotion of progressive groups”

“100% Organic, Fair Trade, Shade-Grown Arabica Coffee imported from Chiapas, Mexico.
This Italian roast is rich and dark in flavor with a bold, complete taste and a smokey finish.”

Published by Yvette

We are dedicated to serving extreamly high quality coffee! Organic, Fair trade. We have 8 different Roasters and source our coffee from the best. Our espresso is smooth and flavorful, balanced and full-bodied, with luscious thick crema. If you have not tried us believe me you want to! Organic, Fairtrade and woman owned since 1994

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  1. Interesting to learn more about this coffee. Cafe Mam is an awesome cup of coffee!

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