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Happy 18th Birthday Klekolo World Coffee!!!

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Photo By Valerie Chapman

We are 18 years old – wow its been awhile.

I bought Klekolo 10 months ago after working here 17 years.

My best friend since high school Hollie Rose opened klekolo world coffee in 1994, I moved here from Oregon to help her and have been working here since day 1.

We still count the days and are at day # 6514.

“To serve the best possible product with integrity and good intentions.
To serve said product consistently prepared by well trained staff with a caring and conscious attitude. To make people feel a part of something bigger and more important than just this one café in this one town. To make customers feel welcome and special and extremely cool for being a part of it. The customer is not always right but they are right on. To always be aware that everyone is worthwhile as a human. To never forget the planet. To buy and sell products and supplies in the most sustainable way practical. To be creative and provide friendly service while being ourselves. To have fun, and to change the world.”

Klekolo is Woman-owned and independently-operated and has been since we opened in March of 1994. Serving Organic fair trade coffee since we opened our doors March 18 1994.

These ideals are still what Klekolo is based on.

Come by Sunday be part of our birthday try our special birthday coffee and enjoy cake on us!

Photo by Brenna J Sullivan

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  1. Happy Birthday Klekolo!!! Remebering that Death before Decaf is almost as famoush in some circles as Give me Liberty, or give me death makes me only miss you two more. Congrats and Cheers!!!

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