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We Got Hart -Mobbed

Wow! ON March 23rd a big group of folks from The Hartford came by and Mobbed us it was fun! Thank you guys all for coming you made the day festive and alot of fun !  

Mercy Choir & Lys Guillorn Nov. 27 at 7pm

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We feel very Lucky to have these 2 awesome performers come to Klekolo World Coffee!! “Mercy Choir is the songwriting and recording project of Paul Belbusti from New Haven, CT. Mercy Choir’s music is a pabulum of traditional American folk and blues, crudely mixed with avant psychedelic electronica.… Read More »Mercy Choir & Lys Guillorn Nov. 27 at 7pm


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PAPUA NEW GUINEA Papua New Guinea is an island of spectacular scenery and culture. The abundant rainfall and rich volcanic soil provide ideal growing conditions for coffee. Our Papua New Guinea A  Purosa is Fair Trade and Organic certified. Purosa is the nucleus for a range of coffee… Read More »PAPUA NEW GUINEA

Happy 18th Birthday Klekolo World Coffee!!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KLEKOLO WORLD COFFEE! Photo By Valerie Chapman We are 18 years old – wow its been awhile. I bought Klekolo 10 months ago after working here 17 years. My best friend since high school Hollie Rose opened klekolo world coffee in 1994, I moved here from… Read More »Happy 18th Birthday Klekolo World Coffee!!!

Coffee Timeline ~ Klekolo Style By Hollie Rose

The Discovery of Coffee by Hollie Rose When? Circa 850 BC. Where? An area of the world we now call Ethiopia. The Legend: A lowly goatherd named Kaldi awoke from his nap one afternoon to find his charges frolicking and dancing about. The goats were eating red berries… Read More »Coffee Timeline ~ Klekolo Style By Hollie Rose

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