We feel very Lucky to have these 2 awesome performers come to Klekolo World Coffee!!

“Mercy Choir is the songwriting and recording project of Paul Belbusti from New Haven, CT. Mercy Choir’s music is a pabulum of traditional American folk and blues, crudely mixed with avant psychedelic electronica. Mercy Choir performances range from Belbusti solo with guitar, to more fleshed out, full band incarnations. Speaking of carnations, Belbusti is known to send flowers to anyone who gives his album poor reviews. The website CT.com recently named Mercy Choir’s new album The Very Great and Horrible Harshness “Album of the Day” and said, “Exceptional… [Mercy Choir is] one of the best one-man projects to come out of CT in recent memory.” -The writer of the article received no flowers.



“Lys Guillorn can be defined as a bit of a prairie specter. Her country-gothic voice wavers between a delicately sweet high lilt, as if leaking through from a past time, and a clear and deep husk that is sometimes frightening in its intimacy.”

“I was quickly drawn into the world of this talented singer-songwriter-musician, all three of which she excels at. Rather than try to define her, or stamp a genre on her, I will instead say…find her!” – The Village Voice


Hope you can join us for an awesome evening of music with these two amazing musicians!


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