24 years of Klekolo World Coffee!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KLEKOLO WORLD COFFEE! We are 24 years old – WOW its been awhile. Thank you to all our Customers and Baristas! I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram account to see what is happening there may be surprises! I boughtContinue reading “24 years of Klekolo World Coffee!”

Happy 18th Birthday Klekolo World Coffee!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KLEKOLO WORLD COFFEE! Photo By Valerie Chapman We are 18 years old – wow its been awhile. I bought Klekolo 10 months ago after working here 17 years. My best friend since high school Hollie Rose opened klekolo world coffee in 1994, I moved here from Oregon to help her and have beenContinue reading “Happy 18th Birthday Klekolo World Coffee!!!”

Birthday coming up quick…

http://imaginethatcake.com/ Photo Thanks to Al KIM Klekolo – pronounced clay-ko-lo. Klekolo is from the Minianka language of Mali. Klekolo means A system of rules to live by for peace and harmony in the world. The word Klekolo was introduced to Hollie through the writings of Yaya Diallo. Klekolo resonated with Hollie in such a strongContinue reading “Birthday coming up quick…”

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