Recycled window art has gained popularity in recent years, as artists like Eddie Hall have pushed the boundaries of creativity by transforming old window panes into stunning pieces of artwork. In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into the world of Eddie Hall and his journey with recycled window art.

We’ll explore early influences, the inspiration behind his unique creations, and the intricate process of working with reclaimed windows.

In addition to discussing Eddie’s artistic pursuits, we will look into how he balances life as an artist, father, and attorney ,demonstrating that passion for recycled window art can coexist alongside other demanding roles.

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Eddie Hall Exhibiting at Klekolo World Coffee

Come by May – June 2023 to see Eddies work on the walls and experience this artist’s beautiful work. This Artist’s brightly colored recycled windows adorn the walls brightening the vibe of the room in a beautiful way. Each piece draws the viewer in making them pause and smile.

Meet the artist and ask him questions on June 1  6 – 8 pm at Middletown Connecticut’s First Friday.

In addition to Eddie’s work, Adelaide Punkin is coming to play Music for us outside at Klekolo World Coffee. Adelaide Punkin –  Musician, philanthropist & humanitarian bent on rocking the world with a message of peace and love and caring!”Adelaide is an amazing young woman, her talented guitar playing and vocals are sure to impress.

Inspiration behind Eddie’s Recycled Window Art

Inspired by his love for vibrant colors and intricate designs, Eddie began experimenting with different mediums to create visually striking pieces.

He eventually found himself drawn to working with recycled windows as canvases for his creations.

The transparency of glass allowed him to explore new techniques while also giving life to discarded materials.

Recycled Window Art
Eddie and his Art

The Process of working with Recycled Windows

To begin each piece, Eddie selects a window frame that speaks to him in size, shape, or character. Once he has chosen an ideal canvas, he meticulously cleans it before applying layers of acrylic paint on its reverse side. This technique adds depth and allows light to shine through the finished product – creating a stunning visual effect reminiscent of stained glass art.

  • Cleaning: Each window must be thoroughly cleaned before any painting can commence; this ensures optimal adhesion between the paint and the glass surface.
  • Drawing: Using reference images or sketches as guides, Eddie draws out his design directly onto the backside pane using either pencil or chalk markers which easily wipe away once no longer needed during the final stages of the process.
  • Painting: Acrylic paints are carefully applied layer upon layer until the desired level of vibrancy is achieved; allowing ample drying time between each application is essential to ensure crisp lines and smooth transitions between colors.

Eddie’s dedication to his craft and passion for transforming ordinary materials into extraordinary works of art have made him a standout talent in recycled window art.

Perusing Eddie’s beguiling masterpieces, it is clear that they are aesthetically pleasing and exemplify the boundless potential of creative problem-solving.

Recycled Window Art
Aventurine By Eddie Hall

Shows Featuring Eddie Hall’s Recycled Window Art

In recent years, Eddie has participated in several prestigious groups where he displayed his stunning creations alongside other talented artists.

Eddie Hall’s captivating artworks are exhibited at group shows and solo events. His unique approach to creating art with recycled windows and acrylic paints has garnered him recognition and accolades within the artistic community.

Eddie received several awards during these exhibitions for his outstanding contributions to the art world.

Recycled Window Art Exhibits

  • Art League of New Britain – World of Color (2023); 32nd Annual Carriage House Members (2022) Honorable Mention; Winter Members (2021)
  • Arts Center East – Open & Shut (2021)
  • Rhode Island Watercolor Society – Spring Forward (2021)
  • Community Renewal Team – National Arts Program (2021) Winner – Intermediate
  • Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts – 111th Annual Exhibition (2022); Transformation (2021); 110th Annual Exhibition (2021)
  • Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut – Global Garden (2021)
  • Gallery 53 Meriden – Ebony & Ivory (2023); 98th Annual Fall Show (2022) Edward Bartlett Award; Twisted Visions (2022) Honorable Mention; 97th Annual Fall Show (2021)
  • Lockwood-Mathews Mansion – Hues of Freedom (2022); Envisioning Space (2021)
  • Mark Twain Library – 49th Annual Art Show (2021)
  • Wickford Art Association – A is For – (2021)
  • Milford Arts Center – Lifting Restrictions (2021); Purple (2022)
  • New Haven Paint and Clay Club – Active Members Exhibit (2022); 121st Annual (2022); 120th Annual (2021)
  • Ridgefield Guild of Artists – 45th Annual Juried Exhibition (2022) Honorable Mention; Festive Home (2021); Art Walk (2021)
  • Rowayton Arts Center – Spring Juried Show (2022); Autumn Juried Show (2021)
  • Stamford Art Association – Ferguson Library: Art of Community (2021); Faber Birren National Color Award – 41st Annual (2021); 50-Year Celebration (2021); Ferguson Library: Fragments of Memory (2021) Honorable Mention
  • West Hartford Art League – CT+6 (2022); Hand Crafted (2022); Members Juried (2022); Blue Back Pop-up (2021); Members Spring (2021); Members Juried (2021) Winner – Acrylic
  • Greenwich Art Society – 105th Annual Juried (2022)
  • Hartford Art Space – Un+Art-5 (2022)
  • Scope International Contemporary Art Show – Miami (2022)
  • Kehler Liddell Gallery – Light (2023); Lost/Found (2022); Celebrate (2022)
  • Madison Art Society – 47th Annual Juried (2022)
  • Ursa Gallery – Bringing It All Downtown (2022)
  • Mattatuck Museum – MixMaster (2022)
  • Noah Webster Library – A Way With Words (2022)
  • Work_Space Manchester – Art of Recovery (2022)
  • Gallery 66 New Britain – Open and Shut * Solo Show (2022); Pursuit of Excellence (2023)
  • Locust Grove Estate * Solo Show (2023)
  • Artworks Gallery – Workshop 13 – Red (2023)
  • Farmington Valley Art Center – Embracing the Elements (2023)
  • Hygienic Gallery – Salon des Independants XLIV (2023)
  • Viridian Artists – Art from Detritus (2023)
  • Klekolo World Coffee – (2023)

Eddie Hall continues to make waves in the artistic community with each new exhibition, showcasing his undeniable talent and inspiring others to explore unconventional methods and materials when expressing their creativity.

Balancing Life as an Artist, Father, and Attorney

Regarding balancing various aspects of life, Eddie Hall is a true inspiration. Not only does he create stunning recycled window art, but he also manages to be a full-time father and maintain a successful career in regulatory compliance.

Eddie Hall’s impressive capacity to juggle the obligations of an artist, father, and lawyer speaks volumes about his passionate devotion and artistic flair.

Juggling Parenthood with Artistic Pursuits

Raising two amazing children while pursuing artistic passions can be challenging. However, Eddie has found ways to make it work seamlessly.

Adding elements from daily life into his art pieces is another way Eddie connects with both worlds simultaneously. His kids often serve as sources of inspiration for new ideas or color combinations in his recycled window paintings.

Eddie’s ability to manage all these aspects of life is truly commendable. His dedication towards both his family and career while still finding time for artistic pursuits serves as an inspiration to many who struggle with balancing multiple responsibilities.

With determination and the right approach, it’s possible to achieve success in various facets of life, just like Eddie Hall.

Recycled Window Art
Eddie exhibiting during the pandemic

Eddie’s Musical Interlude at Record Label

During his seven-year stint at a record label, Eddie Hall tapped into another facet of his creative side. This period in his life was filled with unexpected discoveries and interesting anecdotes showcasing Eddie’s talents beyond recycled window art.

Finding Four Unreleased John Fahey Songs

One day while working at the record label, Eddie stumbled upon four unreleased songs by legendary guitarist John Fahey.

John Fahey is known for his unique fingerstyle guitar technique and innovative compositions.
These hidden gems were an incredible find for any music enthusiast.

The discovery highlights Eddie’s keen eye and demonstrates how deeply he appreciates various forms of artistic expression.

John Fahey – Red Pony 1969 Burnside records


From Eddie Hall’s artistic journey to his balancing act as an artist, father, and attorney, we’ve learned that recycled window art is a unique and creative way to repurpose old materials into something beautiful. His exhibitions and awards showcase the talent behind this medium while also highlighting the importance of sustainability in art.

By using old window panes, Eddie Hall creates unique pieces of art that are beautiful and sustainable. The finished product is a testament to the creativity and resourcefulness of artists committed to reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Visit Klekolo World Coffee today to see Eddie’s art first hand and enjoy a cup of coffee!


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