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Make Music day Middletown Connecticut shares some great Musicians.

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What is Make Music Day?  Make Music Day is a celebration of music that takes place on June 21, the summer solstice. 

The event is Global, free and open to everyone. This year is the 40th anniversary of  fête de la musique. The “festival of music” is no ordinary festival. Created in France in 1982, it has been taken up globally making this the largest Music Festival in the world. 

Music groups and communities in cities worldwide host events that feature a variety of types of music. For example, a concert of brass bands in the Netherlands, a silent discotheque in the UK, and a tango dance in Argentina. More than just a holiday, Make Music Day is a chance to get out and hear a wide range of musical performances in new and exciting ways.

Make Music Day June 2

Make Music Middletown is our part of this global event.

This day is an opportunity for the community to share their love of music and to help create a more vibrant downtown

Here are the scheduled events for Make Music Day in Middletown Connecticut.

The Buttonwood Tree 11 am – 6:30 pm – Make Music Day ; Live Music & Book Sale.

Terri Lachance, Peter Lehndorff, Steve & Marian duo, Marc Lendler, Cece Borjeson, Doug Mahard,  Jill, Eric Von Koniger, Stan Sullivan, Rob Desorbo, Erin, Xavier Serrano, Karen Stein, Ken Stoebel, Kat Caron, JD Wise, Dan Tracey, Dan Coller, Brian Larney, Angela Milani w/ Andre Tangredi

Wadsworth Mansion 11:30 am – 2:30 Pm

11 : 30 am Mama train Jazz Band

1:15 pm Bryan Titus

Middlesex Music Academy  12 pm – 8pm 

Larissa Rossi/ Juliette SRB, Kacey Greco, Michael Coonan, Mariah & Nevaeh Esdaile, Magnus Desalle, Stankeye Jones and the Vagabond Librarians, Aiden Fleming, Jedd Cheblowsi, Grant & Evan Walker, Skylar Valentin & Jameson Smith, Nina Klobukowski, Maria & Kevin

Klekolo World Coffee 7pm – 9 pm

Someone You can Xray 

Get ready for some Funky, original, interplanetary swamp rock fusion!

“Xray is back in the courtyard to celebrate Make Music day and Solstice! Our good friends Firebolly and Dad will be joining us with some of their amazing LED performance Art.You know the drill grab some great Coffee , Tea, dessert at Klekolo and come hang with us. Bring your lawn chair and fancy dance moves!” Xray

You can find Someone you can Xray:



“Make Music Middletown is brought to you by the City of Middletown Arts & Culture Office/MCA in collaboration with Middlesex Music Academy, downtown and citywide businesses, organizations, community members, and arts stakeholders. Our mission is to contribute to the cultural identity, economy and quality of life of Middletown supporting arts, heritage, cultural and business activities and organizations.”

Make Music Day Middletown CT

Make Music Day official site

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