This year Make Music day Middletown Connecticut shares some great Musicians. Do bring your ears, feet and a fun attitude!

What is Make Music Day?  Make Music Day is a celebration of music that takes place on June 21, the summer solstice. 

The event is Global, free and open to everyone. This year is the 40th anniversary of  fête de la musique. This “festival of music” is no ordinary festival. Created in France in 1982, it has been taken up globally making this the largest Music Festival in the world. 

Music groups and communities in cities worldwide host events that feature a variety of types of music. For example, a concert of brass bands in the Netherlands, a silent discotheque in the UK, and a tango dance in Argentina. More than just a holiday, Make Music Day is a chance to get out and hear a wide range of musical performances in new and exciting ways.

Make Music Middletown is our part of this global event.

This day is an opportunity for the community to share their love of music and to help create a more vibrant downtown

Here are the scheduled events for Make Music Day in Middletown Connecticut.

The Buttonwood Tree 11 am – 6:30 pm – Make Music Day ; Live Music & Book Sale.

Terri Lachance, Peter Lehndorff, Steve & Marian duo, Marc Lendler, Cece Borjeson, Doug Mahard,  Jill, Eric Von Koniger, Stan Sullivan, Rob Desorbo, Erin, Xavier Serrano, Karen Stein, Ken Stoebel, Kat Caron, JD Wise, Dan Tracey, Dan Coller, Brian Larney, Angela Milani w/ Andre Tangredi

Wadsworth Mansion 11:30 am – 2:30 Pm

11 : 30 am Mama train Jazz Band

1:15 pm Bryan Titus

Middlesex Music Academy  12 pm – 8pm 

Larissa Rossi/ Juliette SRB, Kacey Greco, Michael Coonan, Mariah & Nevaeh Esdaile, Magnus Desalle, Stankeye Jones and the Vagabond Librarians, Aiden Fleming, Jedd Cheblowsi, Grant & Evan Walker, Skylar Valentin & Jameson Smith, Nina Klobukowski, Maria & Kevin

Klekolo World Coffee 7pm – 9 pm

Someone You can Xray 

Get ready for some Funky, original, interplanetary swamp rock fusion!

“Xray is back in the courtyard to celebrate Make Music day and Solstice! Our good friends Firebolly and Dad will be joining us with some of their amazing LED performance Art.You know the drill grab some great Coffee , Tea, dessert at Klekolo and come hang with us. Bring your lawn chair and fancy dance moves!” Xray

You can find Someone you can Xray:



“Make Music Middletown is brought to you by the City of Middletown Arts & Culture Office/MCA in collaboration with Middlesex Music Academy, downtown and citywide businesses, organizations, community members, and arts stakeholders. Our mission is to contribute to the cultural identity, economy and quality of life of Middletown supporting arts, heritage, cultural and business activities and organizations.”

Make Music Day Middletown CT

Make Music Day official site

Richard Michael Schafrick

Richard Michael Schafrick

April 18, 1962 – September 13, 2021 

Swinging Dick was born too late to be a swinging 1960s bachelor, but that moniker suits him nonetheless. Picture, if you will, a classy hippie guy with a glossy horseshoe mustache, some jazzy lounge music piped in via unseen speakers, atomic looking clocks and furniture strewn about a room filled with sexy women sporting beehive hairdos. Rick was a self-proclaimed Adonis and a god among men. I speak the truth. We could all learn from his ability to put himself on a pedestal in the best possible way. Possessed of a pure form of self-confidence, that might have bordered on egomania if it weren’t for his full-time habit of not taking himself too seriously, Rick was amazing and he wasn’t afraid to tell you. 

He was a dissident, malcontent, friend to misfits and rebels. He loved Archie Bunker, Benny Hill, and Monty Python among other questionable heroes and influences. He heckled the hecklers, championed the weaklings, and freely embellished the mundane details. He was irresistible to animals and Italians from the Old Country…

Alright. Wait. That’s probably not quite how I’m supposed to do this. Sigh. It’s just that Rick was such a weird connoisseur of obituaries that I have to get this right… Let me start over. 

We Love Rick!

On September 13, 2021 Richard M. Schafrick scored a backstage pass to The Afterlife. He left the General Admission area and went where we cannot follow. 

Born in Hartford in 1962, Rick’s family moved to Middlefield, CT in time for him to be heavily influenced by the Powder Ridge Rock Festival that never quite happened. He attended Middlefield public schools and Xavier High School, graduating in 1980. He dazzled both teachers and classmates with his quest for knowledge. Rick was a voracious reader. He read the newspaper, front to back, most every day of his life. This man read the entire World Book Encyclopedia in 6th grade, and seemingly never forgot any of the facts he learned therein, making him a formidable trivia player. This year’s team, Arabica Rose and Her Magic Peonies, will have to carry on without him. We wish them luck.

Rick was ever ready to discuss old movies, baseball stats, obscure bands from any genre, or world political machinations throughout the past four or five centuries. He was the coolest of cool cats, a skilled teller of tall tales, a stalwart Yankee’s fan, and a gentleman to little old ladies and raving lunatics alike. Honest and forthright, he he did not pander to the tender-footed. Quick to help those he loved – even if it meant lugging a box of rocks across the country – he was kind, sweet, funny, and sarcastic. (It’s a sign of intelligence you know.) Rick made everyone feel like they were his best friend. 

Rick is survived by his Mother Anne Motta and her partner Raymond Cheverier, sister Robin Pisaneschi and her partner Daniel Lauriendeau, brother David Schafrick, and the love of Rick’s life, his little sister Malissa Schafrick, brother Robert Houtkoper, nephew Kolin Schafrick, niece Kierstin Schafrick, and his beloved cat Mizzie. He is predeceased by father Bruce Schafrick.

Even though he’d lament being stuck on the lowest rungs of America’s economic ladders, and harrumphed weekly about working for a living, Rick really liked to work and kept various jobs to make a dime or a dollar. Monday through Friday, he worked as Logistics Manager at Madison Polymeric Engineering. 

On Saturday mornings he manned the Altar of Commerce at Klekolo World Coffee in Middletown. The High Priest of the Holy Roasted Bean reigned supreme over Court Street, doling out Espresso and Salvation to all who needed it. His Saturday morning flock will not soon forget him.

On the 7th day, he rested. Well, comparatively. On Sunday nights, he was known to his radio listeners as Psychedelic Rick, hosting the Psychedelicatessen on WESU, 88.1 FM. With a rich velvety voice, reminiscent of a crooner from the 40s, Rick guided his listeners on a long strange trip through the cosmic oceans of time and space. Psychedelic Rick was a rock star, a legend in his own mind, which went a long way towards making him a legend in our minds too.

Rick’s work with music wasn’t confined to those Sunday on-air shifts. He helped local bands pull off any number of artistic shenanigans, and he was a tireless cheerleader for local music, avidly supporting all performers he found interesting. He was good at making connections with psychedelic celebrities for insightful interviews, and he was almost always in a band. Who could forget Lobotomy Lunchmeat or Punk Floyd?

As a young man, Rick spent a good amount of money and time following The Grateful Dead around the country. He was a lifelong Deadhead and he did a mean Jerry Garcia impression. (Late 80s Jerry, not 90s Jerry, or 70s Jerry.)

The dimensions of Rick don’t end there! He was also a veteran. Being the superlative and patriotic American that he was, he lied to get himself into the Navy, but when they found out that his bad knee was really quite bad, they sent him home. He never passed the VFW volunteers without buying a poppy pin.

Rick was an inspiration in living life to the fullest. He was absolutely one of a kind, all heart and soul, and fantastically comfortable in his own skin. Snark and wit were the twin pillars of his outward persona, but if you listened carefully between the lines, you’d catch some very worthwhile wisdom. These are just some of the things you may have learned from Rick:

There are always more creative ways of saying a thing.

If you’re going to bullshit someone, do it with total conviction.

Pay attention to sunrises, notice the flowers.

Hug every chance you get.

Chill out. Don’t worry so much about the “what ifs.”

And finally…

If you have a sense of humor, if you are polite, honest, and real, and if you really know how to value who you are, you’ll have all the tools to have a good life. So…

Live while you’re alive, I promise, you won’t survive. (That last one is actually Mel Brooks, but it’s something Rick’s passing can teach all of us.)

Rick’s Psychedelicatessen is Closed. 

Thank You. ThankYouVeryMuch. 

Calling hours at Doolittle Funeral Home, 14 Old Church St. Middletown, CT 06457 will be held on Monday, September 27th, from 4-7 PM. 

On Saturday, October 2nd, from 2-5 PM we invite you to join us at the Quarry View Historic Park and Campground at 311 Brownstone Ave. in Portland for an outdoor celebration called Toast and Jam: A Celebration of Psychedelic Rick. Prepare to share with us a few words about him (Toast), and we hope you’ll bring your instruments (Jam).

Quarry View is a non-profit, primitive location that you enter at your own risk, (you don’t want to be wearing high heels). Our celebration of Rick’s life will be held rain or shine. No glass is allowed at the park and this is a sober event. This park is a place of healing, not a place of partying. Please respect that.

Quarry View hosts a drum circle every Tuesday and Saturday. So, after our Toast and Jam,attendees are welcome to stay at the park for a drum circle that will go on all night

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the family to cover stuff like printing this far-too-long obituary, or helping with expenses, including for the celebration of Rick’s life. Such donations can be made in person at Klekolo World Coffee, 181 Court St. in Middletown. Or online at Go Fund me “Psychedelic Rick”. If not that, then a donation to WESU Radio Station is a fine option. Read this WESU – “Psychedelic Rick” then click the donate tab at the top of the page. Rick will shine sparkles and rainbows on you from wherever he is now if you do… 

Obit by Rick’s close friend of many many years Hollie Rose

Through the eyes of a Man who has seen too much yet still has the ability to see beauty. An exhibit by AL Kim.

Al Kim is our featured Artist

through the month of August.


Al has led a varied life of things most folks rarely see.

He was in the US Army and a Middletown Police Officer.

Being retired Al has a new career at

Eastern Connecticut State University

because well he has 2 kids to put through college.

AK Shell

Amid these intense careers, he has leaned towards the finer things in life and has been

exposed to it in a variety of settings.

AL’s varied tastes and life experience show through in his photography.

This work is through the eyes of a Man who has seen too much yet still has the ability to see beauty.

The exhibit “Shells” reflects the calm Al seeks for his mind.

Do stop in and view this beautiful exhibit.


You can find Al on Facebook here

You can also find Al on Flickr

He does beautiful work!

~ Yvette

Middletown CT. and Klekolo World Coffee feel like we are awakening to summertime.

sunrise on court street
Sunrise at Klekolo

Klekolo is going back to regular hours

on June 1st and the foreseeable future.

Monday – Thursday 6:30 am – 10 pm

Friday & Saturday 6:30 am – 12 am

Sunday 7 am – 7 pm

As you wander around downtown things look a little different,

restaurants have outdoor seating, people are wearing masks,

most businesses are open and serving you a little differently.

Middletown is lucky overall we are a friendly bunch

and we all want to see our Main street survive.


Klekolo has outdoor seating at the moment and

we are still limiting how many people can come inside to place an order.

We are also doing phone-in orders.

You can always have beans delivered too order here.


While I write this sitting outside at Klekolo, I feel a cool breeze blowing down Court street floating the humidity away.

I see a few folks sitting on the Church steps near all of First Churches’ beautiful flowers.

A butterfly shimmery blue and black floats by on the breeze,

squirrels run across the street, a few turkey vultures land on the bank roof.

I can hear the birds in the park and the hum of Middletown in action.

Yes, we are waking up!

*** Thank you so much for

helping to keep us open! ***

We hope to see you downtown and at our little oasis on Court street!

CT Best Of Hartford
Klekolo Love

May, Klekolo, Life, Spring 2020

Welcome to May 2020

Things are well not “fixed” but we are all coping and moving forward in our own ways.

Regardless of anything spring has sprung and plants are blooming. The Magnolia on court street is always so gorgeous! Even the trees have finally joined the riot and the leaves are emerging as we speak. Spring is always a magic time. If these things have not picked your spirits up then go outside. Sit on the ground hug a tree listen to the birds embrace the rain. It really does help!


Here at Klekolo we are serving coffee and some pretty amazing pastries.

Middletown as a whole is looking pretty different these days, empty sidewalks, fewer people closed businesses. In some ways this is inspiring obviously we are as a society determined to flatten the curve.  We are not out of the water. We all need to take it upon ourselves to be aware and safe. As we emerge from isolation please be compassionate and nice to each other. We are all weathering this differently.

If things go well this month we may have outside seating by June.  With more businesses opening and more people emerging please keep your safety protocol in place. Personal space of 6 ft, a mask if closer than that, wash your hands often, do not cough sneeze or spit on people. Common sense goes a long way use it.

Connecticut has a website with all the Covid current Info


(Seating won’t look like this but will be 6ft apart)

We are looking forward to seeing more of you and hope our community is doing well!

At the moment Klekolo is take away only

No more than 3 people in the room at a time.

You can Phone in your order pick it up or set up curbside pickup.


Our hours for now are

MONDAY – SATURDAY 6:30 am – 8pm

SUNDAY  7am _ 7pm


We also have coffee available on our website.

PayPal or a check and delivered by USPS.

  • Some coffee is not listed you can email Klekolo at
  • and ask what else we have.

Take care of yourself and do the best you can with everything else.

Best wishes from all of us! Be well.

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