You want to catch this!

A Day With Out Love and Marcelyn are on tour from Philadelphia.

Local Band The Modifieds are making them feel at home and joining them to play Klekolo. All three groups will do a short set so be on time!

They will Perform one night only –  Wednesday, June 27th at 7pm.

ADWL & Marcelyn

Photo from ADWL

A Day Without Love is Musician Brian Walker.

A Day Without Love is planning the release of his upcoming record Diary a live acoustic album based on the struggles of a black male in America.

Sharing his perspectives towards finding hope while recognizing his lack of socioeconomic privilege.

Video from The Basement.

This article from UMusicians covers ADWL’s previous album Solace click here.


A Day Without Love


“Marcelyn’s music is something both fragile and deadly with a heavy helping of originality. Since age 9 she has been training her vocal technique and it shines through in her music. Marcelyn’s smooth vocals and intricate lyricism make tough-to-swallow topics go down like a refreshing glass of water. Her music comments on mental illness, abuse, politics, and so much more. “


The Modifieds

The Modifieds

Keep your eye on these guys they Play out alot and will be back at Klekolo soon!

 People you can count on 

The Modifieds newest release is awesome and previously blogged here.

I Loved it I bet you will too!

The MODIFIEDS on the web.

The MODIFIEDS on Facebook.

See you at the show ~ Yvette


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