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The Modifieds Tour & New Album

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The MODIFIEDS: Unleashing Indie Rock Magic at Klekolo World Coffee.
In the heart of Connecticut, a group of talented local musicians came together in December 2014 to form a band called The MODIFIEDS.

Over the past four years, they have undergone a musical transformation, honing their skills and crafting their unique sound.

They recently released their latest album, “People You Can Count On,” showcasing their evolution into an indie rock powerhouse.

We explore the essence of The MODIFIEDS’ music, exploring the tracks on their new album and the energy they brought to their unforgettable performance at Klekolo World Coffee.

The Modifieds

“People You Can Count On”: A Musical Revelation

The MODIFIEDS’ latest album, “People You Can Count On,” is a testament to their growth and artistic vision.

The moment you press play, the audio opens into a world where catchy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics collide.

The album is available on their Spotify page, immersing fans in the band’s sonic landscape.

The first thing that struck me about “People You Can Count On” was the infectious rhythm and tempo.

Each track has a distinct groove, perfectly complementing the band’s exceptional songwriting.

The music’s irresistible pulse encourages listeners to tap their feet and nod unison.

Furthermore, the lyrics on this album are incredibly relatable, drawing listeners into the stories.

The MODIFIEDS possess a remarkable ability to capture universal experiences and emotions, making each song resonate deeply.

The lyrics are honest, reflective, and thoughtfully crafted, creating a profound connection between the artists and their audience.

Video by Fred Ball 10/2/17

The Modifieds Track Highlights and Insights

“People My Age”:

This track stands out for its reflective nature and contemplation of missed opportunities and unfulfilled dreams.

The lyrics serve as a cautionary tale, encouraging listeners to enjoy life fully and pursue their passions.

The song’s energy is infectious, captivating listeners with its raw emotion and relatability.

“Sleepy Hollow”

With its traditional Americana vibes tinged with hints of darkness, “Sleepy Hollow” takes listeners on a sonic journey.

The song’s haunting melodies and evocative storytelling create a mesmerizing atmosphere, drawing inspiration from the classic American folk tradition.

It’s a testament to The MODIFIEDS’ versatility as they seamlessly incorporate various genres into their indie rock sound.


This track vividly depicts a frozen moment.

The lyrics explore the themes of loss and the relentless passage of time.

The music accompanies the lyrics perfectly, capturing the bittersweet emotions conveyed in the song.

“Forsythia” showcases The MODIFIEDS’ ability to craft introspective and thought-provoking compositions.

The Modifieds are in the middle of their spring tour if you cannot catch them at Klekolo be sure to pop into some of their other shows.

The Modifieds are @

Klekolo World Coffee

April 17th @ 7pm.

Do come on out!

The MODIFIEDS: On Tour and Beyond

Amid their spring tour, The MODIFIEDS have captivateed audiences far and wide with their fully charged performances.

While their show at Klekolo World Coffee was undoubtedly a highlight, fans can catch them at various other venues.

Regularly checking their Facebook events page will ensure you take advantage of every chance to experience their incredible live shows.

The MODIFIEDS’ online presence is strong, with a dedicated website and an active Facebook page.

These platforms let fans stay updated on the band’s latest news, upcoming shows, and future releases.

Engaging with their social media presence provides a window into The MODIFIEDS’s world, showcasing their passion for music and their dedication to their craft.



The MODIFIEDS have firmly established themselves as a force of reckoning in Connecticut’s local music scene! 

For Current and upcoming shows check their Facebook events often.

Facebook events

The MODIFIEDS on the web.

The MODIFIEDS on Facebook.

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