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Red Honey Dominican

Full City Roast

Organic Fairtrade

* Only on Tap at Klekolo – Monday, June 4th

This coffee comes from a certified organic single estate, The Ramirez Estate in the Jarabacoa region of the Dominican Republic.

It is a micro lot, meaning only a small amount of this high-quality bean has been harvested and roasted.

It is grown at 1400m above sea level.

The Ramirez Estate employs over 400 people. 40 percent of the workers are female and many of them are Haitian migrant workers.

Workers are paid roughly 300 percent higher wages than Fair Trade standard, and the Estate uses a sizable portion of their profits to create sustainable gas recycling (to reduce emissions), water filtration (to prevent river contamination), and to donate computers and books to many of the local schools.


The Honey process is a major reason for the unique taste of this coffee.

The roasted beans you grind and brew are only the seed of the coffee Cherry.

The sticky, sugary layer beneath the skin is called the mucilage.

 In honey processing, the skin is removed but the mucilage is left on the seed to dry.

It is the sticky texture and the golden amber color of the mucilage reminiscent of honey that led coffee producers to name this method the honey process.

Drying the beans in this fashion ferments the bean giving it a sweet overtone.

Red Honey has approximately 50% of the mucilage removed and is dried uncovered creating a sweet syrupy depth.

Drying coffee in this way is time-consuming and much more difficult however it brings out the sweetest tones of the bean.

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Roasting this special coffee in the full city style bring out flavorful hints of Walnut, Vanilla and sugarcane overtones.

Truly an exceptional coffee not found anywhere else in the Caribbean!

Hope to see you Monday!

~ Yvette

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