This February Klekolo Features 3 of the Artists from Clockwork Tattoo & Art Gallery.

So awesome to have these talented folks work on our walls!

Come pick up some prints or original artwork

from the Clockwork Tattoo & Art Gallery crew!!

(Clockwork Tattoo & Art Gallery Middletown)


Jeff Mansolf (insta: @jeffmansolf )

Leo Gonzalez (insta: @lagonzart ) 

Cory Koomoa (insta: @capturedkreativity)

February 18th Tuesday at 7 pm.

Jedd  Chlebowski

Live solos Bass!

Jedd Chlebowski is a bassist with a career spanning 30 plus years. He has played in rock and jazz bands and in orchestras and musicals.

He plays 4, 5, 6, string electric fretted and fretless basses as well as an upright bass.

Jedd has performed in multiple genres throughout the northeast as well as on tour in the mid-west and Europe. His bass playing has been recorded on four separate songs with all four members of Living Colour.

He is currently the bass player for

the power rock trio Death Saddle Syndicate

and the Ken Serio Jazz Trio.

Jedd is performing his solo project with bass and electronics for us! Join us on Tuesday for this talented musician!

More Info on Jedd and Upcoming shows!

Handcrafted local

Klekolo  has a beautiful featured local Jeweler

Neri Handcrafted

“When you wear a piece of Neri Handcrafted jewelry, you are wearing a unique piece of art.

Each design grows from an idea and starts with a pencil in my hand (there’s no way like the old-school way). I use only hand tools for fabrication: a jeweler’s saw to hand-pierce a bird or flower, hammers to create texture and form a shape, and the flame of a torch to construct and set stones.

My design process results in a piece as unique as its wearer. No one will wear the same necklace or ring or bracelet. My designs are evolving, and the stones are personally selected for their rich hues and healing properties.”


Do stop in anytime!

~ Yvette


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