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Experience a Venerable Wonder


Ray Mason

Experience, style and substance.

Ray is incredibly authentic, playing his 1965 Silvertone through a Peavey Bandit 65 amp. What an expression of musical talent, pure and in your face.

He is the real deal!

Playing since 1966, hooked up with his beautiful sounding Silvertone in 1982.

The rest is history.

Ray Mason & his Silvertone Live

Klekolo World Coffee

August 1st – 7pm

Stephen Spaz Shnee says it perfectly in this article in Discussions Magazine

“  With over 20 albums to his name (including eight or so with Lonesome Brothers), digging into Ray’s back catalog is hugely satisfying.  Normally recording with a few longtime friends as the Ray Mason Band, Ray does occasionally record albums with just his trusty Silvertone guitar.

His latest plate-spinner, THE SHY REQUESTER, is one of those albums.

RM Shy

Imagine walking into a bar Coffee House, grabbing a beer coffee, and then relaxing as you enjoy the night’s entertainment: a down-to-earth singer/songwriter plying his trade with songs that seem to reflect how you – a normal person – relate to this world.  THAT is what listening to THE SHY REQUESTER is like. It is funny, sad and completely from the heart.  It is also raw and loose, as you’d probably expect from an album with just voice and a Silvertone electric guitar with varying degrees of reverb.  It may not shimmer and sparkle like what you hear on Top 40 radio, but Ray’s music has much more depth and honesty – even when he strips it down to its core.”  Article by
 – Discussions Magazine (Coffee house and coffee added)

Ray puts on a show unlike any you have experienced in a long time!

It’s Raw

It’s Hard

It’s Soft

It’s Rock

It’s Real

“Ray’s tunes follow no trend while keeping an upward slide on the songwriting scale. It’s rock with the roll! One man with his Silvertone!! Kick back and enjoy!!! “

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Ray Mason on the web

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To catch Ray Live look at His upcoming Shows here.


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