Charlotte Epright’s infinite color combinations on exhibit at Klekolo World Coffee.


Charlotte Epright is our featured artist through the month of January.

(photos do not show the depth or amazingness of these works!)

The paintings in this exhibit are done in acrylic and showcase the infinite color combinations and subtleties this painting technique can create.

Some feel like ocean while some look like rock or even space.

Getting lost in the paintings is the desired effect.

This talented Lady has a creative soul and has been sharing her work in some form her whole life. Formally living in Middletown and attending MXCC,

She currently tattoos in Hamden at Lovecraft Tattoo and

has been honing her skills in ink since 2011.

She’s always up to travel and is forever looking to nature for inspiration. She also loves to sculpt and paint.

YOU can see more of what Charlotte is up to on her Instagram


Charlotte Epright’s work will be on exhibit until Friday, Jan. 31st.

As paintings are sold more are coming in so come view often!



~ enjoy


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