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Decaf Peru – Medium roast coffee


Decaf Peru 1/2 LB Coffee

Whole bean or use notes at check out to specify grind

Organic, Fairtrade,

Swiss water process, Micro lot

Medium Roast

This Peruvian coffee is grown in the San Ignacio Province of Northern Peru.
Specifically, 1400 – 1800 msl (mean sea level) in the Cajamarca region where the Rio Canchis splits the country from Ecuador.

The arabica coffee varietals grown include bourbon, catimor, caturra, and typica. Our Peruvian coffee grows with cacao plants and plantains.

Small-scale Coop Agraria Frontera, San Ignacio farmers, bring us this coffee. The Coop is in partnership to help conserve the Santuario Nacional Tabaconas Namballe nature sanctuary.

The hand-grown nature and care this coffee receives comes through in its beautiful delicate flavor.

Notes in your cup include caramel, rose, and strawberry.

Enjoy this special micro-lot coffee with dessert or during a beautiful sunset with a friend. 💜

For a Non-Decaf version, check our Single Origin coffee page.




Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 7 in