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This young Woman is a musical force you definitely want to hear!

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Adelaide Punkin

“Adelaide Punkin Datzuk is a musician, philanthropist & humanitarian bent on rocking the world with a message of peace and love and caring!”

Adelaide is an amazing young woman, her talented guitar playing and vocals are sure to impress.

Klekolo World Coffee is so excited to have this amazing young woman perform for us!

July 24th @ 7pm

Adelaide Punkin photo art by Veronika Datzuk

“I started playing guitar and music seriously when I was 6. I love the guitar, it’s fun to jam with other musicians, I learn so much and have so much fun” – Adelaide Datzuk

Rock Yer Block & Punkinstock

Adelaide ‘s compassion and generosity inspired her to start Rock Yer Block and Punkinstock.

“Rock Yer Block is a philanthropic organization whose mission is to bring musicians together to raise awareness for brain injury survivors.

Founded in 2015 by 8-year-old guitarist and singer Adelaide Punkin Datzuk to support ABI and TBI survivors with a public voice, fund raising opportunities and community outreach.

Adelaide continues to be a pint-sized force to be reckoned with as she tours to promote the mission of Rock Yer Block.”

“Brain injuries can happen to anyone, almost anywhere and at any age. I have met so many survivors some who have even lost the ability to speak, Rock Yer Block gives them a voice, music, and a chance to be heard.”

Punkinstock is an annual Music jam created to raise awareness for brain injury awareness.

 Adelaide Punkin On Porch Time with Bill Benson May 2018  on Nutmeg tv

Keep your eye out for this talented 11 yr old she is a musical force you definitely want to hear often!

Adelaide Punking on the web

Adelaide Punkin On facebook

Rock yer Block

Thank you Hope to see you at the show!

~ yvette


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