Shin Wakabayashi

Shin Wakabayashi, this local  CT. Artist shared his work with us this month at Klekolo.

Shin is a talented Man his day job is that of a paper engineer and his passion is art.

The gouache work Shin has displayed at Klekolo World Coffee draws the eye in and leaves a feel of the piece in your mind.

This beautiful and creative work has been a delight to have in the coffee house.


“Hello, I am an artist who moved to CT from his hometown in upstate New York. A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Illustration, I work full time in paper engineering and package design. When not at work, I am currently practicing my painting skills in gouache.

The small works being shown at Klekolo were painted from life at different sites including some here in Middletown, and the larger works of the statues are referenced from photos I took during a trip to Japan in a temple in Osaka. The statues are six of the Twelve Divine Generals who guard the Yakushi or Medicine Buddha (the Buddha of healing).”  Shin

Shin’s day job, paper engineer sounds pretty creative and inspired as well.

I found this video from channel 8 news describing

Shin’s work at Structural Graphics in Essex CT.

  1. How did you know you wanted to create (in a professional sense)? “I remember since I was around 5 growing up watching cartoons, playing with legos, and drawing especially. My father inspired me since he drew often as a hobby, and I became more interested in pursuing a profession related to art and design during college after learning about its diverse opportunities.”    from Structual Graphics blog

Shin Wakabayashi’s website

Shin on Facebook

Older blog by Shin

Find time to come to see Shin Wakabayashi’s work soon as it down at the end of the month.

Thank you ~ Yvette

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