The Grimm Generation’s Carmen Champagne and Jason P. Krug , along with Grimm cellist Julie Kay will be appearing at Klekolo World Coffee on September 18th as part of Klekolo’s Tuesday Night Music Series. Says Jason P. Krug ‘This is gonna be a special night for us. Somewhere in the way back past (roughlyContinue reading “GRIMM GENERATION!”

Saturday Morning

Saturday mornings are a great time to visit Klekolo. This morning, Psychedelic Rick is serving up coffee and pastry treats to the sounds of Thelonious Monk. There’s casual conversation inside and outside the coffee shop. There’s even a few pick up games of chess happening. So if you’re looking for a great start for yourContinue reading “Saturday Morning”

Fall Over

I had a nightmare last night. I looked out the window and leaves were yellow, branches bare and a cold wind seemed to blow. Like that, summer was gone. This is probably symptomatic only of the air conditioner overcranking in my bedroom, but, sad fact is August is about to flip over to the nextContinue reading “Fall Over”

The Importance of Belt Size

I did some checking and found curious coincidences between Middletown, home of Klekolo, and London, Ontario, Canada, where I imbibe my Klekolo coffee. Both cities have the nickname, “the Forest City,” presumably about our shared affection for Tom Hanks movies. Both cities featured largely in Middlesex County, well at least until 1960, when county governmentContinue reading “The Importance of Belt Size”