Klekolo – Frank Viele Nov 6th

Klekolo World Coffee is very excited to have Frank Viele here @7pm Nov.6th 2012 “Frank Viele constructs his sound beneath an acoustic funk ceiling with windows of alternative pop, folk and soul. A musical carpenter in the independent rock genre, this singer/songwriters approach mixes a dry wit with a soulful touch. A storytelling angle finishesContinue reading “Klekolo – Frank Viele Nov 6th”

DAVE HOGAN LIVE acoustic Oct 16th 7pm

Dave solo acoustic w/ lots of coffee.  Road trip!  NO COVER  Dave Hogan is a songwriter and musician from Bridgeport, Connecticut; a veteran of three critically- acclaimed music groups, Red One, The Great Upsetters and The Rafter Bats.  Beyond his established talents as a songwriter, he is a guitarist and vocalist.  His musical style rangesContinue reading “DAVE HOGAN LIVE acoustic Oct 16th 7pm”

“We Call It Power folk” – Two Virgins

  TWO VIRGINS/ACOUSTIC TOUR– At Klekolo Tuesday October 9th!!! In the beginning it was Dylan – the words, the guitar, the power of the message. As young boys from different parts of the country Tom Wrann and Tom Mooney were equally affected and inspired by the simplicity and complexity of Dylan’s style. As the yearsContinue reading ““We Call It Power folk” – Two Virgins”

September 25th – 7pm -9pm Frank Critelli & Guest Christopher Bousquet

Klekolo World Coffee is excited to welcome Frank Critelli & Guest Christopher Bousquet to our Tuesday Music series!  Frank used to play here back in the day and now that we have music happening again we are thrilled to have him be here. It is beautiful to see how his style has grown and changed. MayContinue reading “September 25th – 7pm -9pm Frank Critelli & Guest Christopher Bousquet”

The Pros and Cons of Used Grounds

When you make a decent cup of the Amazingly, Freakishly Good coffees that Klekolo sells, you have 1/3 of a cup of grounds that sit, spent – exhausted even – in the filter expressing their sacrifice. “Dammit man, we gave our all for you!” And they did. Don’t know about you, but I always wonderedContinue reading “The Pros and Cons of Used Grounds”