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“We Call It Power folk” – Two Virgins

  TWO VIRGINS/ACOUSTIC TOUR– At Klekolo Tuesday October 9th!!! In the beginning it was Dylan – the words, the guitar, the power of the message. As young boys from different parts of the country Tom Wrann and Tom Mooney were equally affected and inspired by the simplicity and complexity of Dylan’s style. As the years […]

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The Grimm Generation’s Carmen Champagne and Jason P. Krug , along with Grimm cellist Julie Kay will be appearing at Klekolo World Coffee on September 18th as part of Klekolo’s Tuesday Night Music Series. http://www.thegrimmgeneration.com/ Says Jason P. Krug ‘This is gonna be a special night for us. Somewhere in the way back past (roughly […]

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Valerie Chapman: September Artist

The September artist in the Klekolo gallery is Valerie Chapman in a show called “Perceptions”. Valerie’s art is comprised of unaltered photographs and mixed media pieces. If you didn’t know, Valerie is also a barista at Klekolo. She’s an artist behind the coffee bar, mixing all sorts of tasty beverages. She’s even created several coffee […]

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