rodrigo-flores-T5qjs-63kqQ-unsplash Thank you, Rodrigo Flores, for your photo!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Here at Klekolo, we are bustling with holiday preparations.

This year Thanksgiving falls on November 28th.

Yes, we are open stop in

for coffee between your family traditions and bring some with you to share.


One of our traditions is to recognize what we are thankful for.

Here at Klekolo World Coffee, we are thankful for a lot

including and not limited to:

YOU and your participation in this community experience that is a coffee house.

All of our friends and customers.

Everyday conversations and connections.

Imagination and creativity inspired by you!

Our Amazing bakers and their delicious talents.

All the talented musicians who have shared their sound with us!

Each Artist who has featured their creativity on our walls.

Our Skilled Roasters and the experiences that brought us together.

The small farm farmers that grow our beans with love and care.

First Church, Youngs Printing and our symbiotic relationships.

Hajjar management team and the maintenance crew that takes care of us.

Each other and everyone who has worked here.

“I am pieces of all the places I have been, and all the people I have Loved. I’ve been stitched together by Song lyrics, book quotes, adventure, late night conversations, moonlight and the smell of coffee” Brooke Hampton


Thank you!

May your celebrations, friends, family and Holidays feed your soul.



We are dedicated to serving extreamly high quality coffee! Organic, Fair trade. We have 8 different Roasters and source our coffee from the best. Our espresso is smooth and flavorful, balanced and full-bodied, with luscious thick crema. If you have not tried us believe me you want to! Organic, Fairtrade and woman owned since 1994