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Local Musician, Cody Bondra shares his Lyrically driven style.

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Cody Bondra is a Lyrically driven Local CT. Musician.

This talented song writer wrote his first song “Go” at the age of 22 (he is 25 now.)

He wrote the lyrics to the song Go with his father.

Cody Bondra will be playing acoustically @

Klekolo World Coffee

August 22nd 7pm

Cody plays solo and with a full Band.

The Cody Bondra Band  featuees

Chris Sailor (Drums, Vocals)
Eddie Gentle (Piano, Organs, Guitar)
Cody Bondra (Bass, Guitars, Vocals)
Tim Buell (Saxophone, Vocals)

The Band is well described in this excerpt from Digital Earbuds

(* looks like a new drummer is in the band – Chris Sailor (Drums, Vocals))

Cody Bondra band  ~

After DT’s rock star introduction, singer songwriter, Cody Bondra, takes center stage with a little less bravado, but doesn’t lack confidence.

He begins, “We started playing under the name The Cody Bondra Band after I had built up a small fan base playing solo acoustic gigs. I never wanted to be a solo artist; I always wanted to be a member of a band. I wanted it to be a family.

Tim Buell, our saxophone player from Avon, Connecticut, and I have known each other since we were learning to walk, but it took us 20 years to play music together. When Timmy’s ‘on’ there’s no one that can match his energy. He’s my ace in the hole and a great friend with the loyalty of a family member.

Eddie Gentle, our keyboardist, is from Dorchester, Massachusetts. He and I have an interesting music connection. We both loved music, would always listen and discuss it, and write lyrics. But we couldn’t play any instruments. So I started learning guitar and he started learning keyboards. Eddie is the band leader in my eyes. He always writes everything out and keeps us tight. He has his little office on the side of the stage, and when he throws in his organ line or his piano runs, it really brings the music together. He’s also an amazing lyricist. I hope to incorporate some ‘Eddie songs’ in our set this summer.

We’ve had a few bass players, so it’s an unfilled position right now. We just use different ones on the road.

Last, but certainly not least, is Jessie Doty on drums. He’s from Burlington, Connecticut and is the definition of someone raised on Rock N’ Roll. I met him when I played with his father, Con, who I consider one of my guitar heroes. Jessie adds the attitude and emotion to our songs, and that’s always been my dream. He can play anything. I get spoiled playing with him, because I can throw anything at him and he’s always ten steps ahead of me. These guys push me to the levels of a musician I want to become.

When I play solo shows, they’re fun, but when I have my boys with me, it becomes a whole other world. We all have different musical influences which make for an interesting sound. Jessie grew up playing every kind of music imaginable. Tim and Eddie love wide open musical rock. I come from a more lyrically driven background.” – Digital Earbuds


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Catch them live through their Facebook page.

Thank you for reading please come by the show at Klekolo!




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