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Klekolo at Coffee Fest NY

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KLEKOLO  visits COFFEE FEST  NY March 2012

We all took the train to the city. (no pictures of us sleeping and drooling on the train sorry)

Klekolo went to coffee fest  and we had a great time tasting new coffee’s…

Schmoozing with Coffee folks, taking classes on a wide variety of coffee house oriented stuff and playing with espresso machines was defiantly fun!

Lon Laflame  instructs a class on  “THE ART OF STAYING RELEVENT”

We found out that things we have been doing since 1994 are what is HOT in the coffee world right now!

Our Single cup brewing system,

– offering you the option to have personally brewed for you of any of our coffees.

The new Hot coffee folks (yes the people, the bar & the coffee are all hot!) call it a pour over bar and it is everywhere in the coffee world right now .

 It really is and has been the perfect way to get a cup brewed especially for you Fresh hot and delicious!

Ceremony served everyone Coffee every morning with their single brew bar.

Rasheed Jabr and Ronnie Haasof Ceremony 2012

 Another Hot new coffee thing we have been doing since 1994 is having multiple Roasters.

We always have because well everyone has things they do great so we feature the greatness of each of our roasters.  We are also very picky! It gives us a wider variety and higher quality of coffees.

Organic, fairtrade, local & non certified organic again been doing it since 1994.

It was nice to see how much is going on with coffee that we are  totally on top of and well educated about.

(pat on the collective Klekolo back here)

Ryan Soeder of Counter Culture in Boston MA.

Kim Yeung Of Holly Brown in Hong Kong

Trying new products, meeting people, taking classes & drinking coffee defiantly left our brains swimming with Ideas and new ones to try out.

You all will Love our summer Smooshies this year!!!

We will continue to bring in new Coffee’s as well as keeping your favorites!

See ya at the Coffee house Yvette

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