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How important is your Coffee to your Morning?

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How does coffee effect your brain and move you into your day?

Coffee helps motivate our day and kick us into gear to go.

Coffee is an Antioxidant which helps fight free radicals in your cells.

Coffee is a stimulant which helps us feel energized.

Coffee can improve your mood.

Coffee is good for us in many ways.

Here is an article in the Huffington post about coffee health benefits.

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My day Starts with a big glass of water

after I do my morning rituals.

Then I drive to work, I own a coffee house.

As I open I drink another 2-3 glasses of water.

Then after all that water I have my first cup of coffee.

 I am lucky I can choose what I have for coffee.

However, I like my first cup to be what I am serving to everyone that morning.

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This morning that happens to be DADA and Sumatra.

DADA is an Organic fair-trade Espresso roast.

DADA is short for Defense Against the Dark Arts.

This Haitian coffee is grown at 1200m in the Don Don region of Haiti.

A fine blend of our Haitian Blue and

the Arabica hybrid varietal Maragaturra.

Both natural processed.

These varietals are roasted to a spectrum of Medium to Dark and blended together to create a silky body with a complex taste in your cup

Mellow, smooth and creamy body.

Roasted hazelnuts, buttery mouthfeel.

Acidity is low, body is medium and complex.

Sweet, smooth finish with astonishing balance.

Brewed the coffee shares the richness of the region bringing out tones of rich cocoa and hazelnuts.

This is a flawless cup created for Harry Potter lovers.

E4 (3)
Jess by AK

Sumatra Mandheling is an organic Fair trade medium roast.

Sumatra is the second largest island of the Republic of Indonesia.

This coffee is grown on the lofty volcanic slopes of Mount Leuser near the port of Padang in the Balak region of west-central Sumatra.

This coffee is grown at altitudes of 2500 – 5000 feet.

The unique method used in its production results in a very full-bodied coffee.

 You can taste a concentrated flavor heavily garnished with herbal nuances and a rich spicy finish.

Giling Basah is the name of the traditional Sumatran process. It involves hulling the parchment off of the bean at roughly 50% moisture content; for comparison, most other processes hull coffee at around 10-12% moisture.

This unique Sumatran process results in a distinct flavor profile and gives the green beans a signature dark color.

A rich and smooth brew that encompasses hints of milk chocolate that linger on the palate.  All in all, a very smooth well-rounded cup!

I drink a cup of each making sure they are great!

Iam very picky about my coffee and spend a lot of time tasting,

 luckily I love coffee.

Here is a link to 10 healthy reasons to drink coffee.

There is a lot more going on in the lovely dark liquid beverage than we think.

It is well worth having a cup to wake your brain and move your body.

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