Guatemalan – will be featured Monday January 21st!

New to us is this awesome Organic Fair trade Vienna roast Guatemalan Coffee  described as full bodied with hints of roasted nuts, bold bittersweet chocolate and smooth caramel finish.

“Tucked deep in the rainforest of northwest Guatemala, the Guaya’b Cooperative is made up of over 300 indigenous Maya-Quiche farming families. Cool wet winds from the Pacific Ocean sustain a lush ecosystem, beautiful mountainside villages, and an ideal setting for the cultivation of great coffee.

Rich volcanic soils, antique varietals, and dense shade come together in the farmers’ hands to produce small volumes of exceptional coffee. Working as family units, the farmers of the Cooperative carefully pick each day’s ripe fruit and process the coffee in small batches on their farms. The result is a classic example of the Huehuetenango appellation: a coffee rich with cherry sweetness, lush floral notes, and a deep wine-like body.”

This coffee will be on tap Monday January 21st we can also brew it for you by the cup anytime just ask.

  • varietal bourbon, typica, caturra
  • altitude 1,300–1,600 meters
  • processing wet/washed
  • cooperative Asosicacion Guaya’b Civil
  • membership 330 farmers
  • region Huehuetenango

Published by Yvette

We are dedicated to serving extreamly high quality coffee! Organic, Fair trade. We have 8 different Roasters and source our coffee from the best. Our espresso is smooth and flavorful, balanced and full-bodied, with luscious thick crema. If you have not tried us believe me you want to! Organic, Fairtrade and woman owned since 1994

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