Our featured Artist this month is

Fresh prints of CT.

Letterpress Art Prints

Created by Katie & Berk Ziegler

“Letterpress is the oldest method of printing where the artwork is embedded into the paper using “relief” type printing plates.  A “relief” plate is one where the area to be printed is physically raised from the surface of the plate.  The plates are hand-set and then inked by the press operator allowing the design and lettering to be imprinted onto the paper.  The letterpress embosses the design into the surface of the paper creating a textured, three-dimensional effect. “

At Klekolo Fresh prints is featuring their Dictionary Prints.

“These prints are definitely a conversation starter and look fabulous as a wall hanging. Each design is carefully selected and then printed on vintage dictionary paper giving it that beautiful golden color that only comes from age. Since we use real book pages some unevenness or spotting occurs, this only adds another layer to the print, making each one truly unique.”


“This Alice in NYC design is printed on beautiful vintage dictionary paper.

Katie & Berk’s work will be on exhibit @ Klekolo World Coffee through the month of July!

Stop in this month and check out a small local artisan’s work.

 A little known fact Berk Ziegler was a Barista at Klekolo in the mid 90’s.

A pretty damn good one too!

Here are a few pre facebook photos of Berk from 1995 ish when he worked at Klekolo.

Photos by Mel Vollano, Hollie Rose & Bonz Fullerton.


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