Sumatra Gayoland Star – Dark Roast


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Sumatra Gayoland – 1/2 lb

Dark Roast

Organic Fairtrade

This Sumatra coffee is grown in the Aceh Gayo Highlands at 1400 m at a small farm owned by the Santiag family. The mountainous province of Aceh consists of the entire northern tip of Sumatra and guards the entrance to the most critical sea route in Asia: Malacca Strait. Almost all traffic over the sea between West and East passes this sea lane, and Aceh has been the first land for Arab and Indian merchants for centuries.

The Gayo Highlands consists of the mountainous central part of Aceh, an isolated area that is cut off from the surrounding coastal plains by the rough peaks of Bukit Barisan. The Santiag farm is small and interplanted with neighboring tea, cinnamon, and chili plants. Cultivated, harvested, and naturally processed without chemicals or pesticides, this smooth-tasting coffee produces a clean cup that is smooth and has a deep, complex flavor.

Flavor profile:

Earthy, cinnamon flavor, with defined savory garden tomatoes and mushrooms. Balanced and very unique cup.



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